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  • If melting snow is going to reveal a yard of poo, clean it up before it washes into me. Plus, check out this video: 1 month ago
  • This is the year to build that rain garden. Here are the half-price plants to make it possible: Order by March 28. 1 month ago
  • Got manure? If so please hold onto it for a few days. Warm weather is causing significant runoff into rivers like me: 1 month ago
  • Dreaming of #summer? Now is the perfect time to begin planning your rain garden project. See our project tips: 2 months ago
  • Do you have a long sidewalk to keep ice-free? Pre-treat itwith a de-icer fluid. Check out this video for more info: 2 months ago

**Rain Gardens for the Rock!  Cost Share Program.  Orders due Friday, March 28, 2014.**


Our waterways are a distinctive part of our region – sustaining wildlife, recreation, business and community development. Unfortunately, pollution collected from parking lots, driveways and roads throughout the basin flows directly into our precious waterways. This untreated water from rain and snowmelt pollutes the Rock River and its tributaries.

This website is a resource for all of us in the Rock River Basin as we do our part to help reduce pollution in our waterways. We have tips for residents of the Rock River Basin and businesses that operate here, as well as an explanation of our basin  and information on what polluted stormwater does to the Rock River. Together, we can Renew the Rock River and its tributaries by keeping pollutants out of the path of stormwater runoff.

This website is supported by the Rock River Stormwater Group, a coalition of communities from Beaver Dam to Beloit committed to improved river health.  Click on each community in the map below for information specific to your city or town.  Rock River Stormwater Group collaborates with the Madison Area Stormwater Partnership, a sister organization within the Rock River watershed that focuses on the Madison area.

click here for city of beaver dam click here for city of watertown click here for city of jefferson click here for city of fort atkinson click here for city of whitewater click here for city of milton click here for city of janesville click here for city of beloit click here for madison area communities town of beloit Click here for City of Waupun River conditions at Ft. Atkinson River conditions at Horicon River conditions at Watertown River conditions at Newville River conditions at Afton Image Map

City of Beaver Dam
City of Beloit
City of Fort Atkinson
City of Janesville
City of Jefferson
City of Milton 
City of Watertown
City of Whitewater
City of Waupun
Town of Beloit


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